GrabTaxi Is Now Just Grab


The company has rebranded to reflect the times

Taxi-booking app GrabTaxi has grown from just an app to hail cabs to offering an Uber-like service, package delivery, and even a helicopter-sharing service. It’s about time the company shed its former branding and they’ve just done exactly that in an event in Singapore.


The company has changed its name to just Grab, to reflect their commitment to multiple services and needs of their customers.

“We’ve grown over the years and are now much more than a taxi app. This new brand is an important evolution that represents our goal to out-serve our customers. We are not only providing passengers with a transport service, we are saving them time and ensuring they have a safe ride,” Grab Group CEO abd Co-founder Anthony Tan said.

“Grab aims to make transportation accessible to everyone in Southeast Asia. We have…the most number of transport services that cater to all price-points, all available in one app. We have something for everyone and are committed to delivering the best possible user experience,” he added.


John Nieves

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  1. its about time they change their name to just “GRAB” it sounds more appealing
    i’m always using grab car and i really like it because all the cars that i get are new cars (specially the “new car smell” )lol.
    very quick and reliable

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