Have A Spare Android Device? Turn It Into A Security Camera Via Perch

Perch 2

Get that unused phone or tablet working for you

If you’re the type that worries about your home when you’re not around but are too cash-strapped (or stingy) to invest in an actual security camera, Perch may be the app for you. The app is easy to use and configure, and allows you to use most phones or tablets as impromptu security cameras in your home when you’re not there. You can even view live feeds directly from your primary phone or PC if you wish, and allows you to see if your child’s yaya is actually doing work around the house or is just lounging around the entire day browsing through Facebook.

The app can even alert you if the cameras detect motion in your home, and you can play back video to see exactly what’s going on. You can even initiate live video chats through internet TVs (if your TV supports it) and even allows you to turn them off if your yaya is just vegging out on Cinema One instead of actually cleaning your house.

Perch 1

If you have a phone or tablet that has a broken part (display, digitizer, etc.) then Perch may be the app that you need to get them working for you again.

You can find Perch on the Play Store here. 

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  1. may bago akong natutunan dito. hahah Word for today – “Vegging”

    anyway, this is cool! maybe I can use my broken touchscreen cp for this though the battery wont last.

    Thanks and more power UNBOX! 🙂

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