Help Catch Traffic Violators With Your Phone Via SpotsMo


Anybody who has ventured out to go to Christmas shopping or go to their office Christmas party know just how terrible the traffic is today. The sad fact is that in most cases, traffic snarls are caused by undisciplined drivers who either don’t know or don’t care about traffic rules and regulations. What’s worse is the fact that these drivers usually get away with what their violations since traffic enforcers are spread pretty thin.

That’s something that local app SpotsMo is trying to fix. Since there’s a ton of people in the metro now with smartphones and dashcams, the app aims to get the footage of erring drivers to the authorities. Think of it as a force multiplier for enforcing traffic rules and regulations. The app allows you to upload footage of erring drivers so that the authorities can act on them.

While citizen enforcement of undisciplined drivers isn’t new (just take a look at Dashcam Philippines to see all types of driving facepalms), it never goes past naming and shaming. The development team behind SpotsMo, Panalo Solutions aims to take citizen enforement further, by forwarding the footage to the proper authorities so they can deal with them (hopefully with stiff, heavy fines).

Right now the app is looking for Beta testers, and Panalo Solutions are in talks with the MMDA and other local government units to figure out the legalities and fines are going to work moving forward. Initial talks with the MMDA are extremely positive they say, and hopefully the app goes online in a few weeks to help with the Christmas traffic rush. If you want to sign up to be a beta tester (and to see the full featureset of the app) you can visit SpotsMo here.

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  1. This is a great initiative that should be supported by the government. This will definitely put the fear & shame to drivers if their vehicles or bikes be caught & forwarded to authorities & given proper warnings &/or sanctions. This will definitely make them think twice before doing something stupid on the road that will create traffic or accidents waiting to happen.

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