Here Are the Best App Gallery Deals Right Now

You can avail them until October 18!

With the Philippines kicking in the festivities with the -ber months, Huawei’s App Gallery is holding a 10.10 Super Sale promo, where users get great deals on in-app purchases, Mobile Cloud, Themes, Books, and Video.

For Mobile Cloud, users have until October 11 to get 30% off on the 50GB and 200GB yearly plans and 40% off on the 2TB yearly plan. For in-app purchases, Huawei is offering a 15% off for the first two transactions daily until October 18, giving you better savings for exclusive skins, VIP perks, and the like.

Bibliophiles get an additional 30% R-voucher credits when they purchase R-coins (Php 1 = 100 R-Coins), while those who want to personalize their Huawei phones with themes can get 50% off on select themes. Lastly, new Huawei Video+ memberships who subscribe to Huawei Video’s 1-month SVOD (subscription video on demand) for $0.90(Php 43.5k) until October 18 will receive 6 months of free TVB content.

Here’s What You Need To Know About Huawei’s App Gallery

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