Here’s How to Enable Dark Mode in Facebook Messenger

It is finally here!

After Facebook confirmed that it is testing Dark Mode for Messenger, users in the Philippines can now use the battery-saving feature. However, it is cleverly hidden within the app, so you will need to do these steps:

  1. Open up any existing chat, and send a crescent (:crescent_moon:) emoji.
  2. The chat window will trigger a falling moon animation, confirming that you have unlocked dark mode.
  3. Click on your profile photo in the Messenger home page, and you will see the Dark Mode toggle right below your name
  4. Toggle it on, and enjoy Dark Mode.

One disclaimer though: since it is not yet an official feature, Dark Mode might not work consistently throughout the app. However, based on our initial use, it works pretty fine, which might indicate that this is more or less the final build before it officially rolls out.

UPDATE: If you really, really want to go dark (pun intended) with most of your apps, here’s a quick tutorial on how to enable dark mode with Twitter, YouTube, and Telegram:

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