Here’s How You Can Get Hyun Bin Merch from Smart

Pillows, posters up for grabs

One of Smart’s biggest surprises for its subscribers is having KDrama actor Hyun Bin as its first-ever foreign endorser. During the unveiling a week ago, Smart executives teased that they will be launching Hyun Bin merch as well—to the delight of fans of course. True to their promise, Smart announced that they will be offering fan merch. These include a pillow, a poster, and a table top decor.

How can you get these fan merch? Smart is offering them for both postpaid and prepaid subscribers! For prepaid subscribers, a Php 500 load will get them a poster, while a Php 1000 load will get them a pillow.

For Smart Signature Plans, those applying or renewing through Smart’s Online Store will get a table top for Plan 999, a pillow for Plan 1499, and both pillow and table top for Plan 1999 and Plan 2999.

Those applying or renewing through Smart Stores, Plan 999 will get them either Set B (poster + table top) or Set C (poster +pillow), while those getting Plan 1499 and Plan 1999 can choose between Set D (poster + table top + pillow), Set E (poster + 2 table tops), Set F (Poster + 2 pillows) or Set G (poster + 2 pillows + 2 table tops).

For postpaid subscribers, new subscribers get 50% additional data allocation for the first month, while renewing subscribers get double the data for the first month. To recap, here’s Hyun Bin’s commercial with Smart:

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