Here’s Why Razer Opened A Game Store on Lazada

It is part of their strategy

When Razer announced its partnership with Lazada in the form of opening their first game store. While some might find it unusual for Razer—known for its gaming-centric products—to go for such an approach, Razer Chief Strategy officer Li Meng Lee told us during the SEA Games 2019 announcement that the Lazada Game store is part of their strategy.

Razer Chief Strategy officer Li Meng Lee

“To be fair, our hardware, our products are premium and expensive. So how do we engage our customers? It is really through the microtransactions,” Lee said, explaining that the Game store is part of their efforts in making popular games accessible to their customers and to continuously engage with them. “That’s something where we can build our communities first”.

In addition, Lee added that the idea of a game store is also significant to Lazada, as the e-commerce platform expands the products that it can offer to customers.

Currently, the Razer Game store is available in the Southeast Asia region that includes Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines. “There’s a lot to be done, and we are picking the countries that we think has huge potential for games,” Lee added.

Beyond the Game Store, Razer is also exploring innovations in cashless payments, the latest being its partnership with SingTel.

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