High-Tech Love: Man Marries Robot Creation

Love is what you make of it

A 31-year-old artificial intelligence engineer in Hangzhou, China, found love in one of his female robot creations. Zheng Jiajia, the AI expert, created a robot that eventually became his “lifelong partner” according to local media outlet Qianjiang Evening News.

Based on the report, the 30-kilogram-light female robot named “Yingying” is capable of reading Chinese characters as well as speaking simple Chinese phrases. Zheng says that he is currently working to upgrade his beloved, with household chores and walking as his priority features.

Zheng married Yingying in a private ceremony, attended by his mother and close friends. A friend told local news that Zheng was constantly under pressure by his family to get married and that he had “bad luck” in courting women. Zheng finally grew tired of all the nagging and got married – to a robot.


Source: Inquirer

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  1. Yan talaga ang mangyayare kapag pine-pressure ang isang tao mag-asawa na. Kahit sino na lang (in this case, kahit ANO. hehehe), pakakasalan.

    Hope he comes to his senses. Iba pa rin ang totoong babae. On the bright side, he may develop something that people can actually benefit from. Abangan…

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