Instagram Testing Instagram Direct for Web

Soon, you can message your fave influencers using your web browser

Instagram has evolved over the years. From being a platform for sharing photos, the social media app has diversified its features that include Stories, IGTV, and direct messaging. While you can access Stories via Instagram’s web client, IGTV and direct messaging remain to be exclusive to the mobile app.

That might change, however, as app researcher Jane Wong recently discovered that Instagram is working on adding direct messaging to its web client.

From what Wong has gathered, Instagram Direct for web looks the same as the one used for the mobile app. Should you want to access Direct via Instagram’s web client, you have the Direct icon found at your profile page.

There are a number of good reasons why Instagram is doing this. For one, Instagram is aware at the importance of messaging under their platform, so adding the ability to send messages via their web app should encourage users to use Direct.

On another perspective, this might be part of Facebook’s effort of integrating Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram, where users can message one another regardless of the messaging platform used.


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