Instagram, Vine, and Nokia Refocus On the Windows Phone Store

Instagram running on the Nokia Lumia 1020

Better late than never!

To all the Windows Phone users out there this is probably one of the best announcements ever — Instagram is now available for download on the Windows Phone Store! Wooohoooo! It’s still on Beta though so expect some bugs but based on our initial testing it works out pretty well. So to those of you who have been using third-party Instagram apps like 6Tag, you might wanna give the official one a try.

Other than Instagram, another notable app that debuted on Windows Phone recently is Vine. Here’s a quick video explaining how Vine works on Windows Phones.

Lastly, we have the new Nokia Refocus app. It’s a kick ass camera app that lets you change the focus after you take the shot. Here’s a demo video.

PS: Now sure if the apps work already on Windows Phone 7.8 users. Ideally you should have a handset that runs Windows Phone 8.

Colin Chan

Colin is Unbox's resident Nokia Lumia fanboy. He's inept in any other OS but he's trying his best to go easy on him. What he lacks in technical know-how he makes up with a wealth of cultural knowledge--hence he writes (or should be writing) Movie Reviews and other things like men's fashion and whatnot.

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