Instagram Wants Everyone to Know that IGTV Exists

Not everyone is aware of the vertical video app

Are you aware that Instagram has a dedicated platform for long-form vertical videos? Or are you one of those who ignore it? Whether you like it or not, Instagram is going to make everyone aware of IGTV by integrating IGTV posts onto your feed.

Starting Thursday (in the US), IGTV posts will appear as regular posts on your feed but will have an IGTV tag (at where the geotag is located) to differentiate them from other posts. The IGTV posts you will see is not random: you will only see IGTV posts from users that you follow.

The recent move is part of Instagram’s efforts to make everyone aware of IGTV. When it launched over six months ago, IGTV was seen as a rival to YouTube, with its vertical video format being its standout feature.

While a number of users have used the IGTV platform, it has not accomplished Instagram’s original intention of being a dedicated platform. Right now, this change may sound redundant to Instagram’s UI, as it will have to compete against Stories for audience share. As to how Instagram will draw the line between IGTV and Stories is not clear for now, we will have to wait and see if this new strategy is enough to entice users to patronize IGTV.


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