Iron Man 3 – Latest Trailer

Summer just got a little bit hotter with the release of the latest Iron Man 3 Trailer!

Loosely based on the critically acclaimed comic run “Extremis” by Warren Ellis, Iron Man 3 will push Tony Stark (Robert Downy, Jr.) to his limits as his world is threatened by long time comic-book arch nemesis, the Mandarin (Ben Kingsley). I doubt this film’s Mandarin will have power rings for weapons but it is confirmed that a couple more villains and characters are slated to show up–namely Jack Taggart/ Firepower and Eric Savin/ Coldblood. Who? I know! But from their impeccable track record, we know that these guys have a knack for putting out B-comic book characters and giving them a fresh new and quite memorable treatment like what they did in the last film.

Fo' Shizzle!
Fo’ Shizzle!


In the trailer we’ll see what we’ve speculated from the poster below. That Tony will either battle his other suits or he’ll be controlling them for an all out attack. Either way we’ll see a lot of Iron Man armor getting blown to bits!

...he's a cool exec with a heart of steel...
…he’s a cool exec with a heart of steel…

And here’s the International Trailer. Drools!

Iron Man 3 also stars Don Cheadle, Gwyneth Paltrow, Guy Pearce as Aldrich Killian and Rebecca Hall as Dr. Maya Hansen. It is produced by John Favreau and Kevin Feign and is directed by Shane Black.

Iron Man 3 on April 25!


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  1. “..That Tony will either battle his other suits or he’ll be controlling them for an all out attack.”

    Yo. you don’t read comics do ya.

    Stark will be fcuked up so bad that he’ll need all the help he can get. Amongst those “help” is his buddy, the blackguy who would wear the WAR MACHINE suit. And as you should’ve surmised by now, the other suits are his other friends. Who are they? I wont tell so as to avoid spoilers.

    If i may share, In the comics..

    Extremis ends with Tony being told by Pepper that everything that happened is all but bad dream or more specifically a foreseeable future. This she managed all because of her new found powers of precognition. So in the end, there was no actual battle between Tony and the ?V?o?l?t?u?r?i? Mandarin.

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