Is the Nintendo Switch Getting the VR Treatment?


We can’t be the only ones psyched for Nintendo newest console, can we? Ever since the Nintendo Switch was revealed in October, some gamers have been patiently waiting on more details about what could be the next great console for the Japanese company and we’ve already gotten a look at it via the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon (video below, if you haven’t seen it), but others have been combing through forums to see if they can unearth more details on the Nintendo Switch. Well, it looks like someones digging may have turned up a nice little golden nugget.

A user on online gaming forum, NeoGAF, has just posted patents filed by Nintendo US for the Nintendo Switch and it includes an image that will see the tablet part of the Switch fit into a VR headset. It doesn’t look like the most elegant solution, but it will get the job done and it doesn’t beat out the hype it now brings with the possibility of playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in VR. We don’t know exactly know if that’s going to be a thing, but it is a nice thought.


More details about the Nintendo Switch will be revealed in January with the console actually launching in March 2017 and, yes, we are so hyped for more details to be released about this console.

Source: Mashable

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