Jabra Sport Bluetooth Headset

Awesome athletic bluetooth headset

Meet the Runner’s Best Friend: Jabra Sport Bluetooth Headset

Jabra is building on their expertise with bluetooth headsets and penetrating new markets by coming up with different products that appeal to more mainstream users outside of the tech world. The Jabra Sport Bluetooth Headset will definitely appeal to the millions of runners, joggers, and gym fans because not only does it eliminate wires for music, it also serves as a headset for answering and making calls.

I hate to be an on-air TV salesman but… wait! There’s more!

The Jabra Sport Bluetooth Headset has a built-in FM radio, A2DP technology for connecting to your MP3 player, and a free download of the Enomondo App for different mobile operating systems.

How much? It will retail for $99 in the US starting this September. This will most likely retail for a little higher than Php5,000 here in the Philippines when it makes it’s local debut.

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  1. hi. i just want to ask if where can i buy this product here in the philippines? or where did you ordered this item? thanks.

  2. Hi.. i just want to ask if where can i buy this product here in the Philippines? or do you have an idea where can i order this? It would be my pleasure, if you respond to this inquiry. Thank you so much!

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