Klinggon Earphone Chord Holder

Not this wasn't made by the Star Trek Aliens

Klinggon Earphone Chord Holder

Okay before anything else let me clarify that this isn’t Star Trek merchandise. The Klinggon Earphone Chord Holder is a product that’s looking for support on KickStarter. It’s not yet being produced but based on the pledges it looks like this will hit the market anytime in Q4. So what is it? Well it’s probably the most advanced and most expensive earphone chord holder ever made. According to the site you’ll be forking over $35 USD (including shipping) for one of these. It’s probably a good investment though for runners and people who are really passionate about their music while on-the-go.

Here’s the official video of the makers explaining how they made the Klinggon.

If ever this was available in the Philippines would you actually get one of these things? Chime in below at the comments section.

Carlo Ople

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  1. Just wondering, if I order one of these, are there any taxes I have to pay to claim it? Haven’t made an int’l transc. ever before. Thanks!

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