LG’s 77-Inch Wallpaper-Thin OLED TV Costs a Million Pesos

Oh, but there are cheaper options – in the hundreds of thousands of pesos.

LG’s most anticipated 77-inch “Wallpaper” class Signature OLED TV has now hit the shelves in the United States at a whopping price of $19,999 (~Php 1M+). Featuring series staples such as the unique “Picture-on-Wall” form factor, LG’s OLED technology, Dolby Atmos sound, and impressive HDR capabilities, the LG’s new 77-incher is the new, unparalleled standard of the home cinema experience.

“The 77-inch LG SIGNATURE OLED TV W is truly a modern home masterpiece,” according to Rick Calacci, senior vice president, home entertainment sales, LG Electronics USA. “With LG’s industry-leading OLED technology, Dolby Atmos sound and a razor-thin profile, the 77W7 beautifully combines cutting-edge technology with an unmatched design that is sure to be the focal point of any living room. And only LG offers picture-on-wall and picture-on-glass powered by OLED.”

LG’s current line-up in the US now adds up to ten LG OLED TV models, starting at $2,949 (~Php 150K+).

LG SIGNATURE OLED TV Picture-on-Wall W7 Series
77-inch class (76.7-inches diagonal) model 77W7, $19,999
65-inch class (64.5-inches diagonal) model 65W7, $7,999

LG SIGNATURE OLED TV Picture-on-Glass G7 Series
77-inch class (76.8-inches diagonal) model 77G7, $14,999
65-inch class (64.5-inches diagonal) model 65G7, $6,999

LG OLED TV Picture-on-Glass E7 Series
65-inch class (64.5-inches diagonal) model 65E7, $5,499
55-inch class (54.6-inches diagonal) model 55E7, $3,999

LG OLED TV C7 Series
65-inch class (64.5-inches diagonal) model 65C7, $4,499
55-inch class (54.6-inches diagonal) model 55C7, $2,999

LG OLED TV B7 Series
65-inch class (64.5-inches diagonal) model 65B7, $4,499
55-inch class (54.6-inches diagonal) model 55B7, $2,949

Source: LG Electronics 1, 2

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