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LOOK: Pokemon Go Lure Manager Part-Time Job

Unbox 87 - Pokemon Go Lure Manager Job

(August 26 EDIT: The “Lure Manager” job post is legit! See this post for additional details.)

Fancy working part-time as a Pokemon Go lure manager? Have the needed qualifications? Wanna earn cash while playing your favorite augmented reality game? Send your resumes to that guy up there.

Here’s what’s written on the original Facebook post, which was set to public viewing:

Anyone looking for a part-time job? I need 10 Lure Managers for 1 month. The job is really easy. We need you to activate Lures the entire day! You should at least be at level 10-15. Applicants can send their resumes and a screenshot of your PokemonGo character profile to james_tancioco@yahoo.com.ph #PokemonGo

Of course, Unbox can’t vouch for the authenticity of the job offer, so it’s up to you guys to check on its validity. Post your thoughts at the comments section below!

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Source: Facebook

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  1. Earn while you play… Just like the basketball players. Playing their favorite sport and earn at the same time. 1 month lang naman. Kaya, go na yung mga gustong kumita ng extra. Baka magka chance ka pa mahuli si Snorlax or gyarados or ditto.

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