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Mandaue City Passes Resolution For Pokemon Go Activities

Unbox 66 - Mandaue City Hall

Cebuanos seem to have a love-hate relationship with hit monster-catching game Pokémon Go. Earlier, a Cebu judge prohibited Pokémon trainers from playing in her courtroom. Now, we have a city council in Cebu passing a resolution for Pokémon Go activities in their town. That’s probably a first for the country, right?

Inquirer reported on Wednesday that the Mandaue City Council passed a resolution for Pokémon Go players in the city. The resolution outlines warnings not to play while driving, crossing streets, and walking on sidewalks. Not play the game while walking on sidewalks? That’s… interesting!

Unbox 66 - Mandaue City Pokemon Go

We’re not quite sure if these guys understand how Pokémon Go is played, but it’s their city, so they make the rules? Note that this is a resolution, which is strictly different from a city ordinance, so…

So, for now, Mandaue-based Pokémon Go trainers are “discouraged” to play the game while walking the city’s sidewalks. Stay safe and have fun over there, trainers!

EDIT: Fixed some terminologies. Thanks for the clarifications, legally-inclined readers!

Source: Inquirer

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  1. Well this is sort of contradictory today, i just went to that exact Pokestop because they keep dropping down lures, luring more Trainers to crowd in the streets next to it.

  2. These gov’t officials are just riding on the fame of the said app. At least they have something to write on their resume. But implementation is very poor, so nothing to worry for those Pokemon trainers. It is just law on paper. For example, there is an old resolution about no smoking on public areas but as usual, implementation is very poor. I rode with someone who is smoking inside PUJ while he was going to work (I saw his company ID, he is working on a BPO industry). He even got angry when we politely ask him to stop smoking. Bulayagon ni taga-mandaue.

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