Meet the Largest Nerf Gun in the World


Nerf battles were all the rage a year or two a go. It was a great way to blow off steam for kids and adults, plus an alternative to those who didn’t want to get into airsoft and have BBs flying at 300fps. Even people in the corporate setting initiated impromptu Nerf Wars in the office as a way to de-stress from a long day, leaving the office strewn with foam bullets to be cleaned up. The popular toy from Hasbro come in several sizes ranging from tiny pistols to larger “assault rifles” plus the occasional crossbow that shoot out foam bullets. Mark Rober and a few other YouTube Engineers weren’t satisfied with their tiny pea shooters and wanted to push the boundaries — and, boy, did they ever by building a four-foot version of the Nerf N-Strike Maverick.

Their gigantic version of the Nerf piston fires humongous “darts” that consist of a pool noodle and a plunger at a speed of 64kph! That dart won’t just stick on the wall, it could probably make a sizable whole or knockout a person! Talk about OVERKILL! You can check out their video below to see a comparison of the actual toy and their version of the beloved children/adult’s toy!


Source: TechCrunch

Jamie Inocian

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