Metal Gear V Phantom Pain Physical Release in PH Delayed Due to Customs Issues

Steam is obviously not affected

If you’ve been waiting to get Hideo Kojima’s latest (and last) entry to the Metal Gear franchise, The Phantom Pain to get to physical stores like Datablitz, Gameline and iTech, we have some bad news. It seems like the arrival for the physical disks for the game has been delayed, thanks largely in part to customs troubles, according to Gameline’s Facebook post.


Other high-profile game launches that required simultaneous release of discs never encountered customs before, though fans of other, hotly anticipated games like Mad Max and One Piece Warriors 3 will also have to wait until the end of the week to get their hands on the game.


If you’re a Metal Gear fan and want to get your hands on the game right now, your only recourse is to go through Steam. Obviously the digital distribution service isn’t affected by customs troubles, though you’ll have to devote a night (or two) to download the whopping 20GB of game data before you can play. It’s worth it though – The Phantom Pain is one of the highest scoring games in multiple review aggregators right now (it’s currently sitting at 5/5 at Metacritic), which means it’s one of the biggest releases in ANY platform so far this year.


John Nieves

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  1. Download na lang. 20gb lang pala e. Tsaka ang sabi sa ibang site, ireredirect ka din sa steam download dahil steam installer lang ang laman ng disc.

    1. The game came bundled with my purchase of NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti and was able to confirm that the PC version is indeed a digital-only release. Those who don’t care about the bling that the physical version offers should just go digital.

      Still looking forward for a PS4 physical copy as an addition to my Metal Gear collection.

  2. BOC official Lina wants to make sure that his copy wasn’t stolen or pirated when he ordered TPP kaya he delayed it muna.

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