Microsoft Making Cortana Available on Android and iOS

Cortana Android

You can finally have Microsoft’s voice assistant on your Android or iOS device

Microsoft has announced that they are making their Cortana voice assistant over to both Android and iOS. The firm from Redmond is planning to release stand-alone apps for both Android and iOS that can run independent of Windows, with the same functionality as its desktop counterpart sans the hands-free, voice activation (“hey Cortana”). Cortana will be able to take reminders, get you information about nearby restaurants and pretty much run your entire life if you choose to. The digital assistant will be available to download for both Android and iOS later this year, though Android users are getting it first in June.

The company is also readying the Windows 10 Phone Companion that allows you to control some of the contents of your Windows 10 powered PC when you’re away from your desk. Most of it is pretty mundane – Word, Excel and Outlook are the big things here, though you also get access to your music as well. The Windows 10 Phone companion will arrive in July.

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