Microsoft Teases Next-Generation XBox at E3 2019

Project Scarlett is good to go

Microsoft kicks off E3 2019 with its press conference and the announcement of Project Scarlet—aka the next-generation XBox—is one of the biggest news.

The next-generation videogame console will have AMD’s Navi-based GPUs (using GDDR6 RAM) paired with the latest 7nm-based Zen 2 CPU cores—Microsoft claims that the new internals will deliver the biggest single-generation performance leap to date.

With those internals, Project Scarlett will support Ray Tracing, along with 8K gaming and up to 120FPS framerate performance. Just like Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 5, Project Scarlett will be using next-generation SSDs—with a portion of it to be used as RAM cache— to reduce game load times.

Project Scarlett will launch in Holiday 2020 together with Halo Infinite.


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