Microsoft Responds to Planned Acquisition of TikTok

Talks are ongoing amidst tensions

Following reports that US President Donald Trump intends to ban social media platform TikTok in the US, Microsoft published a statement on their official blog, explaining that they are still in talks of acquiring TikTok from ByteDance.

Microsoft fully appreciates the importance of addressing the President’s concerns. It is committed to acquiring TikTok subject to a complete security review and providing proper economic benefits to the United States, including the United States Treasury.

Should the deal push thru, this should prevent TikTok from getting the ban hammer from Trump, with Microsoft planning to enhance the social media platform’s privacy and security—two issues that have been plaguing TikTok recently.

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As Microsoft continues to be in talks with ByteDance, the US company commits to completing discussions no later than September 15. Microsoft also ensures that they will make sure that all private data of TikTok’s American users will remain in the United States. All data from servers outside the country will be deleted once the transfer is completed. Last August 1, TikTok issued a message addressing the concerns over the ongoing tensions:

Should the ban be imposed, TikTok will be the third Chinese company that has been blacklisted by the US after Huawei and ZTE.

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