Mobile-Only NetFlix Plan Debuts in India

Making Netflix accessible to everyone

Netflix is working on making its plans accessible to everyone with the debut of its mobile-only plan in India. Priced at Rs 199(~Php 150), the new subscription plan is restricted to mobile devices and only allows one concurrent stream at a time. The plan has other limitations that include 480P streams and no content mirroring to TV sets.

The restrictions of the mobile-only plan is not bad considering it will only cost you a cup of coffee per month.

Netflix has been testing the mobile-only plan for several months, and while it has debut the affordable plan in India, there are no plans of making it available in other Asian countries–at least for now.

The choice to launch a mobile-only plan is due to the audience in India consuming content using mobile devices. A recent industry report states that Indians spend 30% of their time with their smartphones, with over 70% of their data consumption used for entertainment.


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