Boosted Pokestops Used to Attract Pokemon Go Players to Catch a Movie

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With Pokemon Go partnering up with McDonald’s in Japan, turning their branches into Pokemon Gyms, other promotions using the popular gaming app are probably in the works and it seems like the film industry is the next one to take advantage of the craze.

Nerve, a movie distributed by Lionsgate, has partnered up with US ticketing app, Atom Tickets, to create “boosted PokeStops” in 11 locations where the film is showing. According to our source, they intend to deploy an in-game item called a Lure at the PokeStops to help budding trainers attract more Pokemon. When they hit these locations, they’ll also be greeted by ambassadors from Nerve and Atom Tickets with giveaways plus codes for the ticketing app that encourage them to catch the movie.

The movie, starring Dave Franco and Emma Roberts, centers around a “truth or dare… without the truth” style gaming app that uses geolocation to give its players their next task to earn some cash or a bit of internet fame. While there’s no cash involved and the fame is probably minimal, unless you become a meme while using it, we’re pretty sure Pokemon Go players will be able to somewhat relate to the movie.

Source: Mashable

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