Netflix Subscribers Should Not Worry About the Announced Price Hike

That’s a big relief

Yesterday, we reported Netflix increasing its prices for the US market. When converted, the new prices are at least Php 100 more expensive than the old plans. This makes binge-watching more of a luxury. However, there’s a silver lining regarding the news: the Philippines is not affected by the price hike, as confirmed by Cosmo PH.

In a statement, Netflix Philippines said, “The price increase only applies to U.S. and select markets in Latin America and the Caribbean. It’s not applicable to the Asia Pacific markets, including the Philippines.”

To sum it up: you should not worry about Netflix subscription, as prices remain status quo. Happy binge watching!


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  1. Streaming companies know that if they price their services way above what people in our country are willing to pay, they might just loose a majority of their subscribers & go back to being pirates.

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