New Instagram Features Keep the Bad Vibes Away


Social Media is awesome! We all know that! But there’s also no denying that the troll infestation is getting a tad out of hand these days. Instagram has recently made a commitment to keep the good vibes rolling as you share photos through their app and they’re making good on that commitment with a few features they’re rolling out soon.

Control Over the Comments Section


We don’t have to tell you guys how toxic the comments can get on social media. While they tend to be on the lighter side when it comes to IG, they’re still giving us an option to turn off the comment section altogether in case things take a turn for the worse. On a positive note,  the ability to like comments will also be available.


The feature is already available on a few accounts but will roll out to everyone in the coming weeks.

Moderate Followers on Private Accounts

Not everyone on IG likes to play the numbers game in terms of followers and prefer to moderate who can see the content they choose to share. Unfortunately, once you give someone the nod to see your photos,  there’s no way to undo it when they turn out to be a creeper.

This is why Instagram is now giving users who prefer to keep their accounts private, the ability to boot followers should the need arise; they won’t be notified of it either.

Help a Friend in Need


Often times, signs that our friends may need a little help and support can be found via their social media posts. Instagram recognizes this and will soon add a way for you to anonymously report friends who might be looking to harm themselves and possibly others in the process.

Instagram will then connect these users to organizations that may prove useful to their state of mind. In case any trolls out there are getting ideas,  each report will be reviewed by their staff.

Okay. We don’t know how the last will apply to us over in the Philippines in terms of follow through,  but these features are definitely a good move on the part of Instagram in terms of keeping the bad vibes away.  Let’s face it,  we need more positive posts on social media these anyway.

Jamie Inocian

A self-confessed geek. Jamie started out helping out on the Unbox Podcast and became the Digital Sales Manager when he joined the team full time. He has since then transitioned into one of our Senior Editors and Head Video Producer.

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