New TNVS Players To Enter the Philippines Following Grab-Uber Merger

It will not be a monopoly after all

Following the recent Uber-Grab merger, commuters were initially worried at the possible monopoly by Grab. However, the thought of a ride-sharing will not happen—at least that is what the LTFRB claims.

During LTFRB’s March 28 presscon, LTFRB Board Member Atty. Aileen Lizada announced that three new TNVS players—namely Go Lag, Owto, and Hype, will be entering the Philippine market. As of this writing, all three are in the process of finalizing their papers with LTFRB.

While we do not know anything about these new players, we expect to know more about them in the coming days. In addition, we hope that Go Lag, Owto, and Hype will have the same (or even better) services compared to Grab for a fair competition.

So if you say that there is no competition, soon there will be, and any competition is good for any industry because it benefits the riding public,” Lazada said.

Controlled fare prices

Another concern Lazada addressed is with the possible overpricing of fares by Grab. She responded by stating that Grab has to pass through the LTFRB should they desire for a fare increase. Like any other public utility vehicle, LTFRB will conduct public hearings before approving of any fare hike

“We also have monitoring. We know ano yung range nila, and if there are complaints, we see them and read them sa Twitter as well as our Facebook account, LTFRB Citizen Enforcer, and @ltfrb for Twitter,” Lizada adds.

Source: Inquirer

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  1. Go lag sounds like chinese. Maigi talaga ang may competition para may pagandahan ng service. Mas maganda service, mas maraming pasahero. Good luck to new players.

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