Nintendo Outs the 2DS XL

A New Budget Handheld from Nintendo

It’s been a few years since Nintendo launched the 3DS and, since then, it has amassed a great library of games.¬†After the 3DS came the 3DS XL, which sported a much larger screen than its predecessor. Nintendo released the 2DS a few years later and it was an affordable way to access the huge amount of titles for the 3DS without the often time nauseating 3D effects of the 3DS. While the 2DS found a measure of success, there certainly were eyebrows raised because of its design. We think the photo of the 2DS below says more than enough.

Thankfully, 4 years after the 2DS first hit store shelves, it’s getting an XL version and more importantly it now has hinges!

Like the 3DS XL to the 3DS, the 2DS XL has bigger screens (82% bigger according to Nintendo’s website) and it has a C-stick too; essentially a right analog stick, which was added on to the new version of the 3DS and 3DS XL. Design wise, we think it’s still a little kiddy looking, but it’s way better than the 2DS.

While the Japanese company’s darling may be the Nintendo Switch, the titles available for the new console pales in comparison to the hunderds (if not, thousands) of games available to the 3DS and now the 2DS XL.

The Nintendo 2DSXL is priced at $150, or Php 7,531; way cheaper than the Nintendo Switch and has way more games for you to play too.

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