Nostalgia Attack: Play Tomb Raider on Your Browser

Look How Far We’ve Come

If you’re like most of us at Team Unbox, you’ve experienced how games and gaming have evolved through the year. We can vividly recollect playing Pong on our classic Atari back in the day or even playing text-based adventure games on floppy disks; yes, boys and girls, we are certified #titosandtitasofmanila. We can also remember the first time we fired up our Playstation One to play Resident Evil and jumping out of our seats when those dogs come through the window.

Seriously. How did this scare us?

Since then, we’ve revisited the PSOne Classic in its ungloriousness and have wondered: “How the heck did these blocks scare the s#!+ out of us?” We sure have come a long way with NVIDIA’s 1080Ti’s eye melting graphic capabilities, the powerhouse laptops from both Acer and ASUS, and how we often here our own parents ask: “What are you watching?” Only to realize that you have a controller in your hand or clickity-clacking away on your RGB lit keyboard.

To let you know just how far we’ve actually come in the last two decades of gaming, fans of the games that feature Lara Croft are attempting to port Tomb Raider 1 to 5, with some success, so you can play them on your browser. Yes, you heard that right. ON. YOUR. BROWSER. All you have to do is visit OpenTomb.

They’ve had to build the game from the ground up, but judging from the screenshots strewn all over this article — they’re doing a pretty bang up job so far.

And yes, we know you can probably download and emulator to play all these games already.

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Jamie Inocian

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