Nyko Has a Sweet Portable Dock for the Nintendo Switch

Solves a Lot of the Bundled Dock’s Issues

While we’re still sifting through the mounds of news coming from E3 (feel free to check out UnGeek’s coverage, by the way), there a few news worthy items that might have not gotten the coverage it deserves because of the sheer volume of awesomeness that was announced at the world’s biggest gaming showcase. One thing we’ve already shared, was Atari’s confirmed comeback console, but you have other things such as the Portable Docking Kit for the Nintendo Switch that’s made by Nyko. ┬áPriced at $44.99, or Php 2,242, we think it solves a lot of issues we’ve been seeing with the bundled dock by Nintendo or is a great alternative if you happen to break yours already.

Obviously, because it’s in the name, it’s portable and small enough to take everywhere if you happen to be moving around a lot or travel for business and find the need to dock your Nintendo Switch into the hotel TV. Theoretically, you could do the same with the bundled dock, but we’re guessing you want to save space in your maleta for pasalubong or for something else you’ve had your eye on that isn’t available locally.

We’ve also been hearing about screens on the Nintendo Switch getting scratched because of the dock. True, you could be more careful and treat your Nintedo Switch like a ticking time bomb that you have to defuse every time you remove it from your dock, but you mostly likely want to just slap on the JoyCon controllers and just whisk it away. No issues here, since the one from Nyko doesn’t have a front plate and just connects to you Switch via the USB-C port.

We mentioned this already, but it makes for a replacement dock for your Nintendo Switch if you’ve managed to break it already or as a secondary dock if you own multiple sets in your house. The original dock from Nintendo costs $89.99, or Php 4485, on Amazon; double the price of the portable dock from Nyko.

We haven’t seen the Nyko Portable Docking Kit locally, since it was just unveiled at E3 recently. Given the track record of Nyko for releasing console accessories, I don’t see why we wouldn’t recommend checking this one out if you own Nintendo’s latest and greatest console.

Source: Nyko


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  1. “half the price of the portable dock from Nyko”…..I think you mean “double the price of the Nyko portable dock”

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