PLDT Officially Rolls Out Speed Boost to its Subscribers

Subscribers get as much as twice their current speed

After we received reports of subscribers getting speed boosts to their accounts last September, PLDT officially rolls out its speed boost to all Home Fibr Subscribers. The speed boost are as follows:

Plan 6299 – 300Mbps from 250Mbps

Plan 4299 – 150Mbps from 120Mbps

Plan 2899 – 100Mbps from 50Mbps

Plan 1899 – 30Mbps from 25Mbps

Plan 1699 – 20Mbps from 15Mbps

Plan 1299 – 10Mbps from 5Mbps

To avail of the speed boost, Home Fibr customers simply have to visit and update their contact details.


PLDT, Smart Preserve Lead for Overall Internet Speeds

PLDT, Smart Preserve Lead for Overall Internet Speeds

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  1. This is bulls**t, PLDT refuses to upgrade my family’s Internet from home to fibr for half a year now and they do this? What a shame ffs.

  2. Even their customer service hotline is not approachable. She’s quite arrogant, it’s as if we’re begging..

  3. RIP Home DSL (w/ landline) subscribers. When will PLDT have Home Fibr + Landline plan for consumers? (Saw same plan for Business though)

  4. We are continuously upgrading our
    facilities to give you faster speeds.
    Hang tight! PLDT Home Fibr will be there for you soon.

    Thank you for giving us the pleasure to serve you.

  5. Tnx but no tnx…Im a pldt landline and dsl subscriber since 1980s until i decided to terminate our relationship just last month…its because of PLDT’s worsening after sales service/customer support.

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