“Pokeball Coach for Pokemon Go” Trains You in Ball Throwing, Chinese Knockoff Style

Since Niantic doesn’t have a training mode (yet) for Pokemon Go ball throwing, the good folks over at Rejected Games: FPS Adventure & Sport Simulation (yes seriously, that’s the developer’s name) made a knockoff app that helps you master the game’s ball throwing mechanics.

Unfortunately, it looks like this. Nightmare fuel!

Unbox 69 - Ball Throwing Practice 3
Well, the game looked like that, back in July. The devs have since renamed their game into a more non-copyright-infringing title called “Ball Practice for PoGO”. They’ve also stopped using those psychotic-looking versions of Pokemon, replacing them with cute and cuddly animals. Awww… not.

Unbox 69 - Ball Throwing Practice 4
Now, you’ll be throwing Google Chrome balls at pandas and cats! Seriously, these guys can’t stop their plagiarizing ways, huh?

If you want to download the nightmare fuel version, APKs are still out there in the wild. Here’s a link to the bootleg versionĀ atĀ APKPure. Grab it at the risk of sleepless, nightmare-infested nights!

Source: TheNextWeb

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