Pokemon Go 101: Apps for the Aspiring Pokemon Master

Pokémon Go can become very overwhelming for the fledgling trainer aiming to become “the very best like no one ever was.” With the monster-catching craze in full swing in the Philippines, local Pokémon trainers can stay ahead of the competition with the help of these nifty apps that actually work for our region.

Unbox 53 - PokeRadar


Available for desktops, Android, and iOS devices, PokeRadar is the wide-area version of your in-game scanner. Using Google Maps’ overlays, PokeRadar displays Pokémon spawns with timers in a given area.

There are two kinds of blips in PokeRadar: a system-generated spawn (via their Poke Radar Prediction method) and a user-submitted spawn. Avoid the user-submitted data. Most of the time, they’re false uploads sent by mischievous players. Don’t waste your time traveling to those points. Aim for the Poke Radar Prediction blips, as they’re more precise, “95% accurate” according to the app creators. It’s just a frantic race to the target after that, as Pokémon eventually despawn after a given period. Good luck, trainers!

Earlier, we asked one of our friends from Mactan, Cebu, to use the data from the app and catch a Pokémon. He was able to catch one of those Rattatas in the area with the help of PokeRadar. Neat.

It’s best to take advantage of this app soon as Niantic has been shutting down third-party helper tools lately.

Unbox 53 - RazerGo

RazerGo Chat

RazerGo is a simple, but useful chat interface for Pokémon trainers. The app allows you to chat with nearby players based on the operating radius you set. There are public rooms, faction chat lobbies, and even team-based chat for all your Pokémon hunting needs. RazerGo is a great app for sharing Pokémon spawns and coordinating gym assaults with your friends.

We tested the RazerGo desktop app earlier and managed to chat with a bunch of Pokémon Go trainers on the prowl in lovely Cebu City. Increasing the app’s chat radius, we even got to talk to people from all over the Philippines. That’s one awesome chat app.

The RazerGo is available for desktops, Android, and iOS devices.

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