Pokemon Go FINALLY Live in Japan

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We’ve released an article that Pokemon Go would be going live in Japan a few days ago, but leaks and other issues prevented it coming out on Wednesday. But now, reports are flooding in that trainers in Japan can now enjoy playing the game that is sweeping the entire globe — the launch also coincides with a Japanese holiday, which means servers are going to be put under a lot of stress and hopefully, they hold up. Niantic Labs and the Pokemon Company has also partnered up with McDonald’s, turning branches in Pokemon Gyms to lure more customers in to their stores and help drive business. This makes McDonald’s, in Japan at least, the first sponsored location for the wildly popular gaming app. It wouldn’t be surprising if our own fast food giant, Jollibee, makes a play for the game’s Philippine release.

Our source also mentions that the Japan release of Pokemon Go would be the “halo” launch or the launchpad for the rest of the Asian region, which means we could be wandering the streets of Metro Manila, heads pointed down at our smartphones, and possibly catching a Koffing or two along EDSA. Please play safe and mind your surroundings when it gets released, guys and gals.

Source: TechCrunch

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