Pokemon Go Now Has Almost As Many Active Users As Twitter

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We all know the gigantic server crush that affected Niantic and Nintendo’s surefire hit, Pokémon Go that’s still preventing the official roll-out of the game to various other countries (including the PH) until now. But the extent of the apps’ popularity hasn’t been that clear since the app is literally less than a month old.

Well, SimilarWeb, a website traffic and mobile app analytics company, has released numbers for Pokémon Go’s performance in the Android app store, and it’s nothing short of astounding.


Data shows that Pokémon Go is steadily rising in installs, and will soon overtake Twitter in the number of daily active users. That’s right, an app that’s barely a month old will soon have more active users than an established app that’s a decade old.


That’s not all – Pokémon Go has a higher daily usage time compared to other social media apps as well, averaging 43 minutes per day. That’s greater than WhatsApp usage, which is now at 30 minutes per day.


And since Pokémon Go’s popularity extends beyond the initial rollout countries that Nintendo targeted for launch, traffic to APK sites like has since exploded, going from 600,000 visits on July 5 to over 4 million visits on July 6.

With that many users wanting to play the game, it’s no wonder Niantic’s servers are overwhelmed. We’re still having troubles trying to play the game, no doubt with the server issues that Niantic is having because of the influx of people wanting to catch their very own Pikachu.

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