Pokemon Go: Speculated Updates via the Game’s Code

Unbox 98 - PGO Feat
The Pokemon Go trainers over at The Silph Road Reddit took a closer look at the game’s code after the latest update and found some interesting placeholder values that might give us a clearer glimpse of what Niantic has planned for future updates. Note that some of these placeholder keys have been in the game since launch. Speculation Go!


Unbox 98 - PGO TradeTrading

  • Trade_search
  • Trade_offer
  • Trade_response
  • Trade_result

Like in the original Pokemon games, but customized for Pokemon Go use. Speculation has it that, like in the games, legendaries (when they’re released) won’t be available for trading. We’ll probably see this feature rolled out very soon.


Unbox 98 - PGO Gen 1 Leg Birds

  • activity_catch_legend_pokemon

Soon! Also, some Silph Road trainers think that capturing a legendary will have a different mechanic from the usual throw-hit-pray-catch Pokemon mini-game. Maybe something like what we saw in the Pokemon Go game trailer with Mewtwo?


Unbox 98 - PGO Pikachu Buddy

Buddy Pokemon

  • km_buddy_distance
  • buddy_candy_awarded

A traveling companion perhaps, like good ol’ Pikachu? Getting candies from your buddy after walking a set distance? Sounds interesting. As for the buddy size and attribute values, maybe we’ll finally see a use for the Pokemon’s sizes now?


Unbox 98 - PGO Pokestop Limit
Pokestop Limits


Maybe a limit on how many times you can flip a Pokestop or another one of Niantic’s anti-bot mechanisms? The former isn’t a good idea, though, especially for players without access to plenty of stops.

Unbox 98 - PGO Incense Type

Incense Types

  • Item_incense_spicy
  • Item_incense_cool
  • Item_incense_floral

Finally, different incense with Pokemon typing in mind. Hopefully, these aren’t pay-walled items.
Unbox 98 - PGO Gen 1 BadgesGym Badges


Some cosmetic options for our Pokemon trainers? We’ll soon see.


They’ve unearthed a lot more placeholder code at the original thread if you’re really interested in digging deeper.

Source: The Silph Road, Business Insider

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