Pokemon Go: US Paying Players Down by 79%, Still the Most Profitable Mobile Game

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Pokemon Go
is rapidly losing steam, faster than expected anyway, according to digital commerce metrics Slice Intelligence. The industry tracker reports that this August, Pokemon Go’s paying customer base in the United States dropped by a staggering 79%. Ouch.

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However, the game is still very profitable, despite the steep drop in paying players. Slice Intelligence’s data reveals that Pokemon Go still garners a commanding 28.4% market share of revenue generation for mobile games in North America. For comparison, Candy Crush Saga is a distant second top-earner at 4.5% of total game revenues.


Niantic’s recent September patch that added the “Buddy Pokemon” system was mostly a minor content patch, but also included a major change in game policies by access-banning rooted and jailbroken devices. No doubt Niantic’s blocking policy will factor in on the game’s concurrent users and revenue figures at the end of September.

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How many of you are still playing Pokemon Go? Are you guys still buying Pokecoins? Leave a comment below, trainers.

Source: PhoneArena

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