Popular YouTuber at the helm of CNN’s New Media Brand

Casey Neistat currently has over 5.8 million subscribers on YouTube.
Casey Neistat currently has over 5.8 million subscribers on YouTube.

A few days ago, Casey Neistat — filmmaker and popular YouTube personality — announced that he was ending his daily vlog after over a year and a half into the series. He has been a major inspiration to other vloggers and has encouraged some of the team plus other members of the local tech beat to try their hand at documenting their days, travels, and adventures. It felt like the end of an era when Neistat dropped the mic, and his filming rig, to signify the end of his vlog to move on to bigger and better projects and now we finally know what that project is.

You see, aside from his vlog and film projects, Casey also launched an app called Beme. It was a social platform where you could share unedited videos but, ┬ádespite its popularity, it didn’t gain the same ground as Snapchat. Yesterday, reports flooded our Twitter and Facebook feed that CNN had acquired Beme to the tune of $25 million dollars and will be working with Neistat and his team on a new media brand focusing on news and current events.


According to our source, The Verge, Neistat will have full creative control of the project and in a phone interview told them:

There is a tremendous distrust between the audience that watches my content online and the information that is put out by traditional media. Our broad ambition is to figure out a way with tech and media to bridge the gigantic divide.

Something I’m sure we can relate to given the propagation of fake or deeply skewed news items now taking over our social media feeds lately.

Neistat’s YouTube channel currently has over 5.8 million subscribers and will remain under his control. With this new project, CNN seeks to leverage the audience that Neistat has built through his remarkable storytelling and filmmaking experience.

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