Power Rangers Movie Trailer Has Us Scratching Our Heads

Morphin' time
Morphin’ time

It’s Morphin’ Time

You know that feeling when you see a movie reboot of a childhood TV show and you just get goosebumps because it brings back so many great memories? Yeah we didn’t get any of that with the teaser trailer for the upcoming Power Rangers movie which is set to hit theaters in 2017. It’s a big departure from the original TV show as this one features emo teenagers who become mutants when they touch power stones before they become the “Power Rangers”, hehe.

But hey, who knows the final product might be good and we’ll end up being proven wrong.

Check out the trailer below and let us know what you guys think.

Carlo Ople

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  1. It’s a departure from the old program format to a whole new one. Nag level up ang power rangers dito. I think it is in the level of Justice league and Avengers when it comes to special effects and tricks. A whole new game for power rangers fans like me in the old days. If my memory serves me right, the very first power rangers were all Japanese actors and actresses, dubbed in english. They have this deadly, explosive ball that they kick around like a football and once it gets to the enemy, ka-booommm!!!

    Wikipedia did not mentioned any of this all-Japanese artists. It only mentioned the mixed-race power rangers that started in 1993.

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