Recruitday Wants to Make Job Referrals Easier

You can earn from those referrals too

Referring your friends, relatives, colleagues or any of their contacts need not be boring: referral and recruitment platform Recruitday just launched their mobile app that aims to make the referral process a breeze.

The principle is simple: scouts—who may be students, retirees or stay at home moms or dads doing Recruitday in part-time or full-time—need only to register via Recruitday and start referring any of their contacts to compelling job and career opportunities. While at it, scouts can earn rewards in the process, which can be tracked via the app.

“We have basically made referring someone as simple as sharing a video online with friends on social media,” Recruitday founder and CEO Joel Garcia said. “Recruitday is committed to growing and developing our army of Scouts, given exciting campaigns, promotions, and programs in the pipeline exclusively for them.”

A year since they launched their Scout program, Recruitday has made Php 5 million in rewards available to successful “scout” referrals.

Recruitday is available in both Android and iOS. Visit here to know more about the platform.

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