RMJ Tactical S13 Shrike

The RMJ Tactical S13 Shrike is a hammer forged tomahawk with electrical insulation, therma-molded kydex scabbard, and it comes with a 100% Lifetime Guarantee. It’s just 13 inches and weights around 20 oz. making it ideal for mobility and concealment. It’s an excellent breaching weapon especially if you’re up against car doors, windshields, metal/wood doors, and obviously people (lol).

RMJ Tactical Shrike

This product is actually out of stock since various militaries are ordering from the maker – RMJ Tactical. You’ll have to wait for at least 2-4 months before they ship and add a month on top of that for the product to actually get to you. It costs $375 or roughly Php17,000 without taxes and shipping costs yet.

Here’s another photo:

Reminds me of Braveheart. Rawr!

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