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Rock of the Ages Play Ticket Giveaway

We here at Unbox have been rocked hard with Rock of Ages fever! It’s 80’s glam rock music day-in, day-out and we’re not stopping! Having been invited to the July 1 show of Rock of Ages, we’re psyching ourselves up for a rockin’ good time with our friends from Red Curtain Manila (


Headbanging time!!!

With this, we’d like to include 2 lucky people to join us and take FRONT ROW seats to this year’s sensational rock musical! Yes folks, FRONT. ROW. SEATS.


  1. Before anything we’d appreciate it if you guys LIKE both our FB Page and RED CURTAIN MANILA’s FB PAGE
  2. Simply comment on the section below on Why you wanna Rock with Us on July 1
  3. And that’s it! You’re instantly qualified for the raffle!
  4. Wait till we announce the winners on June 30, 2012!

See, rocking with us is that easy. Right Bill and Ted ( or in this case just Ted) ?


So comment away and we’d appreciate it if you LIKE our pages! –

Red Curtain Manila –

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  1. i want to win rock of ages because as a young professional, i am so inclined with rock music. I wanted to experience rock music at its most especially during 80s. I wanted to compare how rock music had evolved thru generations and see any improvements. I believe as a music lover, i needed to know also the origin of my favorite rock music. I wanted to rock and roll with unbox and red curtain. Let the jamming begins.

  2. I wanna Rock with you on July 1 because LIVE musical is way better than filmed one, no retakes, no edits, just simple rocking LIVE!!!!

  3. I wanna rock with you guys on July 1 because I want to know how it feels to be a rocker. I want ROCK music and style to SOULSHAKE my world, my life and my imagination. I’ve watched the Rock of the ages film and I want to feel the rockin’ and bangin’ vibes all over and over again. I believe that ROCK music is brilliant, extraordinary and timeless. Cant wait to scream, and show the whole world as I prepare my rocker chic outfit as I sing and dance with the “never boring” music. I want to be the girl version of Stacee Jaxx for a night! I want to express my feelings with a more compelling version of me. Rock rocks!

  4. Being a theater kid, I surely wouldn’t want to miss this show! I would definitely rock my way to the theater (Thespis + Rock Gods, Bless me to win this!) with rockstar outfits, matching with my rockstar haircut. The movie sucked bigtime and pretty sure, the play wouldn’t! It will surely be kick ass and awesome!!! Pure Pinoy talents singing the songs my parents used to belt with. Ah, the sentiments of being a ’90s kid. Plus MiG Ayesa, Aiza Seguerra with long hair and Vina’s abs, c’mon, who wouldn’t want that? \m/

  5. I’ve been a Broadway fan since forever but never saw anything live. I’ve seen a lot on movie adaptations and recorded versions of the plays. So this will be my first time, if I’m going to win, to watch it LIVE. I know all the songs by heart (i sing them on the videokes :D) and it’ll be really great and one of my most memorable events if you pick me. :D

    PS. It killed me when I saw the the tickets on TicketWorld as SOLD OUT(Congrats!). I really want to watch this. Please pick me :)

  6. I wanna rock with you guys because I’m an idiot when it comes to watching theater plays. Winning this will make me cultured some what.ty

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