SM Supermalls Now with Pokemon Stops and Gyms

Good news for our intrepid Pokémon Go players in the Philippines. SM Supermalls now has PokéStops and PokéGyms for all your Pokémon needs.

Here’s the list of current PokéStops and PokéGyms found in SM Malls. It’s nationwide too. Nice.

Unbox 49 - SM PokeStops

As a special treat to local Pokémon Go fans, SM will be giving away P3,000 worth of shopping money every day, from August 6 to 12, through its #GottaCatchEmAllAtSM promo. That’s nice, I could use a new pair of walking shoes for the game.

Just upload your pics of Pokémon caught at any SM Mall, with the @smsupermalls tag, on Twitter and Instagram. The first winner will be announced on Saturday night. Visit their Facebook post for more details.

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Source: SM Supermalls

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  1. Maybe this is the reason why ngayon lang na-release ang Pokemon Go sa atin. They are negotiating the terms to be included as Poke-gyms and stops. Then they will have to code the coordinates and test them for accuracy…

    1. Nope. The Pokestops/Gyms were based on Ingress player submissions. SM may not have contacted Niantic for them because they were already Pokestops/ Gyms to begin with.

    2. @Alkeif is right. The Pokestops and gyms you see are the same portals used in Ingress, which are submitted by its users. SM had nothing to do with it.

      See for yourself by loading Ingress and Pokemon Go side by side. You’ll see the same pictures and plus the user who submitted the pic/portal.

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