Smart Makes Livestream Of President Duterte’s Inaguration Free Via Freenet


Love him or hate him, Rodrigo Duterte, the PH’s first ever Mindanaon president has captivated many with his no bs talk and his promise of change for the country. If you’re one of the more than 16 million people that voted for him during the past election, you’re probably jonesing to see your candidate finally complete his journey to Malacanang, but not everybody has the means or the data to livestream the historic occasion tomorrow.

That’s where Freenet comes in. Previously known as Safezone, Freenet is an app that’ll allow you to see the mobile live stream of the historic event tomorrow, as long as you have data.

“Just a few weeks ago, we told our subscribers to ‘Welcome Change’. In the coming days, we’ll all be witness to the coming of that change as we welcome the new leader of our country. Smart is proud to enable Filipinos to digitally participate in this occasion using their mobile devices for FREE, through freenet,” said Ariel P. Fermin, executive vice president and head of consumer business at Smart and PLDT.

To be able to witness the historic event, you’ll have to download Freenet from the Google app store here. Once you’re done watching DU30’s inauguration, you can still use the app to access free content of companies that have partnered with Voyager Innovations, the creators of Freenet.

John Nieves

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