Sony Confirms Holiday 2020 Launch Date for the PlayStation 5

Time to save up!

After PlayStation architect Mark Cerny revealed a few details about the upcoming Playstation 5 last April, Sony has confirmed in a post that the next-generation PlayStation will be available by Holiday 2020.

Aside from the confirmed launch date, Sony revealed that the PlayStation 5 will have an all-new controller that will feature haptic feedback—which aims to replace the Dual Shock tech Sony has been using since the first PlayStation—and adaptive triggers. The latter is incorporated into the L2/R2 buttons and will emulate tactile sensations ranging from drawing a bow and arrow to accelerating an off-road vehicle through rocky terrain. Both new features aim to deliver an all-new experience with games.

Other confirmed features include an SSD drive, backward compatibility with PlayStation 4 games, and a custom Radeon Navi GPU.


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