Sony’s Project Field Gives Digital Card Games an Old School Twist


Magic the Gathering. The Pokemon Trading Card Game. The Yu-Gi-Oh Trading Card Game. Before the aforementioned titles got their digital counterparts, there was a time that the only way you could play these competitive, collectible card games and duel with your friends was to head to shops to buy starter packs and blow your allowance on tons of booster packs. This usually ended up with you praying to the then unknown RNG gods to give you rare cards to complete your deck, which you would then tuck into multiple binders or those thick acrylic cases to protect your investment. While we still often see these collectible card game enthusiasts trek to their local haunts with binders and/or tackle boxes in tow, the shift to digital means that you can enjoy the same collectible card  games, such as: Hearthstone, in the comfort of your own home as you pwn n00bs in your boxer shorts.

That’s all well and good, but what if you wanted to play your digital card games with a bit of the old school flare? Sony is cooking something up that you may just be the thing you’re looking for. You’re going to want to put on some pants though, just so you don’t scare off people where you choose to game.


You may have heard of Sony’s push to bring some of their more famous gaming titles on to the current gaming platform that almost everyone has, smartphones, but it seems like they’re working on more than that. According to the post on the Japanese Playstation Blog, they’re working on something they’re calling Project FIELD. This is how the post describes it:

Project FIELD is a platform that consists of smart phones and tablets, dedicated pads developed by Sony, cards with integrated IC chips, game applications, and a combination of trading card games and smartphone applications. Various functions such as position detection sensor, IC reading device, LED, Bluetooth® etc. are packed in the special pad, and when putting a card on the pad, it can detect the direction and movement quickly and exchange data with the smartphone game application via Bluetooth® can do.


This is definitely an interesting platform for fans of this particular gaming genre. No more lugging around binders, tackle boxes, or the task of having to sleeve your deck a card at a time; plus, you can switch out games you can play depending on the apps you purchase too. The blog also mentions that one of the goals of Project FIELD is to make collectible card games a little more accessible to the younger generations since all the mechanics can be easily taught and all the calculations will be handled by the game’s software. Speaking of games, it also seems like Project FIELD is already expecting a title for the platform in the form of the game by Level 5 and BANDAI — Yokai Watch.

According to other sources, Project FIELD is only slated to be released in Japan. Given the popularity of collectible card games though, we wouldn’t be surprised to see its worldwide release soon after. No specific launch date has been set for Project FIELD and Yokai Watch, but they did mention something about 2017. Who knows we might just see it the next time we visit Tokyo Game Show.

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