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Sphero BB-8: Get them while you can!

If you still haven’t heard, there’s a new droid in town and his name happens to be BB-8. Jumping from the new Star Wars film from J.J. Abrams, BB-8 got the crowd at Star Wars Celebration last April into fan-crazed-frenzy! People started asking for a toy replica of the said rolling droid and lo-and-behold, Sphero, the guys that specializes on rolling app-enabled robots got on the case.

Unbox BB8_1
We got up-close and personal with the adorable little critter yesterday at another Sphero partnership event with a local telecommunications giant. Here are some of the highlights:


(The guys from Sphero, Sphero Philippines and Globe Telecom)
(The guys from Globe Telecom,  Sphero Philippines and Sphero)


(Look at that size reference! Also, that's the app interface right there)
(Look at that size reference! Also, that’s the app interface right there)


Unbox BB8_3


The droid still retails for roughly Php 12,500.00 but now, there are more venues for people to pre-order BB-8 aside from SM. That’s always a good thing, too, because despite the price (and the limited availability) it seems that these things keep just keep getting sold-out!

Expect your kid (or the kid in you) to be throwing the tantrums if you can’t get a hold of this adorable little droid come Christmas time! Pre-orders are now on-going and if you’ve been dying to get your hands on this, I suggest you head over to the Greenbelt 3 branch and sign-up. BB-8 rolls to your homes come November 2015.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens comes alive on the big screen by December 2015.


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