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Uber recently announced that starting June 15, you can split the cost of your ride by carpooling with people heading in the same direction. We’ve been seeing really absurd surge rates recently and while we understand that it benefits uber drivers who aren’t as free to take on multiple passenger, it can break the bank. Who likes spending Php800 to get from Tiendesitas to BGC, right? So, how does it work?

To use uberPOOL, you request for a ride like you normally would; an option to use the feature should be open on the 15th. The app will then match you up with other riders in your area who could be using the same route you use to get to your destination. Uber does warn that it might add more time to your trip given that drivers will have to pick up additional people, but it does lower your fare. It could be worth the wait. You can book a maximum of 2 seats in case you’re taking the ride with your SO or friend. Uber says that rides will be 25% cheaper whether or not you get matched up with other riders.

Source: Uber Newsroom

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  1. Surge rates ginagawa nila nag ooffline lahat yan para mag surge saka sabay sabay ja mag online. Tsk tsk

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