Spotify Swipes Right and Pairs Up with Tinder

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Find Someone You Can Make Beautiful Music With

That’s right, folks! Spotify has swiped right on Tinder and found a match! The two popular apps have come together to help you find your perfect pairing and users of the popular match-making app will now be able to listen to a possible match’s musical taste to help better decide if they should swipe right or swipe left and move on.

Musical preferences can often make a quick connection between two people that only solidifies the pairing these two popular mobile apps. Users of the Tinder can browse through previews of people’s top song straight from the app and if they’ve got their Spotify accounts connected, they’ll even be able to see mutual interests in artists and tunes with potential matches. Tinder users will also be able to select an anthem for their profile aka that one song that best describes you as a person or maybe just one of your songs growing up. All you have to do is connect your Tinder account to your Spotify account via the Profile Settings.

If you’re looking for someone whose heart beats in the same rhythm as yours, this just might be the perfect way to find one you swipe right on.

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